#20 Linking Records to Track Relationships

Dec 15, 2015

Linking Records to Track Centers of Influence

Did you know that you can link together records in Advisors Assistant to track referrals, family members and other centers of influence? The Advisors Assistant View Client with Links tab allows you to keep track of important relationships between clients and easily click back and forth between the name records.

With Links you can easily keep track of key relationships such as:

  • Family Members
  • Referrals and other sources for your new clients and prospects
  • Other service providers like accountants and attorneys


You can have multiple links for every name, to show how that person or company is related to other names in your database. Then you also have fast and easy access to the names to which that person is related. Under the View Client with Links tab you can see a Summary of all of the names you have linked to the contact you’re viewing.

And links is great for tracking Referrals! You want to make sure that you’re acknowledging your client’s referrals, and Links allows you to see who’s been referring other people and how many they have referred.

You can also Print a quick summary of the names you have linked to the contact you’re currently viewing. Just click on the Quick Report Action Button in the middle of the screen.

It’s not just business anymore, it’s personal. With Advisors Assistant’s Links you’ll be able track all of the relationships of the contacts in your database, and have instant access to the other contacts’ information.

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