#50 Managing Markets

Dec 18, 2015

Did you know that markets can be globally added and deleted on selected names in your Advisors Assistant database? Markets are a great way to stay in touch with your clients and group your contacts together into different categories. Markets allow you to track all kinds of information about your clients and prospects, so you can then use that information in the future for targeted marketing campaigns or communications. You can track hobbies and areas of interest, products your clients may be interested in, ad campaigns, and even which clients need to be contacted more often in volatile times. In order to save you time, we give you the ability to globally ADD a market to a group of names in your database. When you no longer need a market, our tech support team can then globally remove that market from all of those names. To globally add a market to a group of names, you will first need to select the names you wish to group together. You can do this either through the Selection Reports or through a Tagged Name Report. More information about these searches are available in the Advisors Assistant Help. Once you have the list of names, click on the Manage Button. QuikTip2015_50 From the Drop-Down list, choose Add Market to Selected Names. QuikTip2015_50-2 You can then choose the appropriate Market from the list, or click on Edit List at the bottom of the list to add another Market Abbreviation. Since you can store an unlimited number of markets in your database, you may need to clean them up from time to time. If you no longer need a specific market on the selected names, our Tech Support Team can globally remove it from the names in your database for no charge. Just call Tech Support at (800) 643-4488 to provide instructions.

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