#16 Mini Databases with Subsets

Dec 15, 2015

Create a Mini Database with Subsets

Did you know that you can create a mini database with any list you’ve selected using the Subset feature?

This is useful whenever you have a special group of names you wish to work with. For example, if you’d like to review their notes or workflow events. Using Subsets lets you work with just that special list of names. And when you’re finished, just one click takes you back to your main database again.

To create a Subset first select a list of names, for example a Selection Report of “A” Clients. (Subsets are also available from Workflow Reports.)


Once your names are selected click the Subset Button on the bottom of the Report Selection Screen to create your mini database. You can then work with your list through the View Screens – your View Screen will be yellow to indicate you’re working in a Subset, and you’ll have a red box in the bottom left indicating how many names are in your Subset. Uncheck the box at any time to return to your entire database of names.

With Subsets you can use the Scroll Arrows (above the picture) to scroll through each name and review notes or product information. You can also use it to quickly and easily edit information. And when you open your Name Lookup you’ll only be looking up names within this smaller subset of data. But just uncheck the subset box and you’re back to your entire list of contact names.

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