#54 Nervous Clients

Dec 18, 2015

This QuikTip originated with one of our Advisors Assistant users and it seems appropriate with all of the market gyrations that have been happening lately.

As you know, some clients need a little more hand holding than others. You can easily keep track of these clients by adding a Market to Advisors Assistant’s View Client With Markets, with a designation of something like “Nervous Client” or
“Risk Profile 1.”


Then, when the market gets volatile, do a search on that market and communicate with those clients. Let them know you are thinking of them.


You can use more than one designation in View Client With Markets. Some clients you may want to email, others you might want to call. If you separate clients in the Name Type field as “A Clients” “B Clients” etc., you can even combine the search to look for “A Clients” and “Risk Profile X.”

Your clients will definitely appreciate knowing they are important and that you are thinking of them.

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