#45 Notes Follow-Ups

Dec 18, 2015

Did you know that when you add a follow-up task to a note within the Advisors Assistant contact record, all of the notes added to the calendar event carry over to the note itself?

When you add a Follow-up Date to a note, a task is automatically added to your Advisors Assistant Calendar (or you can assign the Task to another User’s calendar). The note you’ve just added will carry over to the Calendar Task, so that when the Follow-up Date occurs you’ll know why you wanted to follow-up with that contact. You can edit any part of the Task that is added, and you can assign the Task to another user’s calendar.


If you then make changes in the Calendar Task Notes Area, those modifications will carry over to the note itself. You don’t have to update the note in two places, it will automatically update for you.


Also, if you delete or complete the calendar event, all of the notes that have been added will remain in the note under the Advisors Assistant contact record.

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