#33 Phone Log to Track Length of Call

Dec 18, 2015

Did you know that the Advisors Assistant Phone Log can actually be used to track the length of a call with a client? The Phone Log pops up automatically when you click on the Advisors Assistant Dialer Button in the middle of the View Screen. When the Phone Call Log opens it automatically tracks the contact you are calling, the phone number dialed and the exact time the call was placed.


You can enter notes into the Phone Log while on the phone and then as soon as you click “OK” out of the note when the phone call is done, the total time elapsed will appear in the log. The Phone Log notes are then accessible under the View Client with Notes screen. Advisors Assistant will automatically create a Note Topic called Phone Log, but you can have the notes added to any Note Topic you’d like, you don’t have to add the note to a “Phone Log” topic.

And of course as with any other note in Advisors Assistant, you can add a Followup Date to add a Task directly into your Calendar as a reminder to follow-up on that phone call if necessary.

You can also add a Phone Log without using the Auto Dialer. You can just click on the Dial Button in the middle of your View Screen and then choose the Phone Log Button. All of the same information, the contact name, phone number and length of time on the call, will be added to the log. As well as any notes you enter.


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