#17 Process Logs

Dec 15, 2015

Process Logs

Did you know that you can track what’s happening in your database, such as who changed an address, what names were added, or who deleted a name, with Process Logs?

Advisors Assistant is actually logging over 30 processes as they occur throughout the day, and you can view these logs at any time.

To view the Process Logs, go to the Admin Menu at the top of the screen, select Reports, then Process Logs. First you’ll need to select the Type of Log, such as the Delete Name Log (which will show you which names have been deleted from your Advisors Assistant, when they were deleted and by whom.)

Once you’ve selected the Type of Log, you can also use the Process Log Screen to select a date range, a single User, or even enter a phrase to search to narrow down the results. Just click Search and Advisors Assistant will list the Logs that match your results.


You can double-click on any Log to open the details of the Log:



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