#14 Reports & Lookups Always Available

Dec 15, 2015

Report & Lookup Menus Are Always Available

Did you know that you always have access to the Advisors Assistant Reports and Lookup options even if the Icons aren’t available from the Toolbar you have open?

Since the Report and Lookup Icons can’t fit on every Toolbar, they’re always available as menu options from the very top of the Advisors Assistant ClearView Screen. That way it doesn’t matter which Toolbar you have open on the left side of the screen, you can always get to your Reports and your Lookup options.


When you click on the Lookup Menu item, you’ll have the same options for looking up a name as you have through the Toolbar Icon – by Name, by TaxID, by Phone, etc.

When you click on the Reports Menu item you have a list of all of the reports available in Advisors Assistant, including Selection Reports and Current Client Reports which are often available through the Toolbars. You’ll probably find the Reports Menu very useful since it lists all reports you have access to in one place: Workflow Reports, Tagged Names Reports, and Insurance/Investment/Commission Reports if you own those modules.

You might want to check out the other menu options available at the top of your screen while you’re up there – the Tools Menu also has some great features if you haven’t checked it out before!

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