#13 Save Time with User Defaults

Dec 15, 2015

Save Time During Data Entry with User Defaults

Did you know that you can set up User Defaults to help save time during data entry?

First go to File | User Preferences (at the very top of the screen.) Every User in Advisors Assistant has their own User Preferences they can set to control certain features of Advisors Assistant, such as the number of names that show in your
Recent Names List.

To set up the User Defaults, select the Defaults Tab from across the top of the screen.


When you set a default value (i.e. the Address Location of “Home Address”) every time you ADD a new address to Advisors Assistant the Location will automatically be filled in as HOME. You can of course change the Location as you’re adding the
address, but if 80% of the addresses you’re entering are home addresses, you’ll save lots of time.

You’ll probably also want to enter a default Producer Name. If you mainly work with one producer, select their name as the default and whenever you add a new name to Advisors Assistant it will automatically enter their name for the Producer.

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