#18 Saving Search Criteria

Dec 15, 2015

Saving Search Criteria

Did you know that after you fill in the Selection Criteria Screen, you can save the fields you’ve entered so you can run that search again in the future without having to fill in the fields again?

Advisors Assistant allows you to Save your Search Criteria so you can easily Load that Search again in the future with just a couple of clicks. This is great for reports that you run on a weekly or monthly basis. You can run the search quickly and pull in any new names that have been added to your database since the last time you’ve run the report.

To Save your criteria, first fill in the Selection Criteria Screen with the fields for which you wish to search your database. Don’t forget you can fill in more than one screen using the Tabs across the bottom of the screen.


When you’re ready to use the saved criteria again, open the Selection Reports and click on the Load Button at the top of the Selection Criteria Screen. You’ll see a list of names of saved searches. Select the saved search you wish to run.

You can also always run the very last search you ran by selecting PREVIOUS.

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