#46 Sending Emails to All Email Addresses

Dec 18, 2015

Did you know that with Advisors Assistant you can export ALL of your contacts’ email addresses for mailings? Advisors Assistant helps you easily send broadcast emails to any list of names you’ve selected with the Selection Reports. This process also allows you to create a .CSV file designed to be used with other email programs such as iContact or ConstantContact, or the file can be used with Microsoft Word to send the emails.

To send an email to multiple names, first run the Selection Report to group together the names to which you would like to send the email. After your names are selected, click on the Export Button at the bottom of the Report Selection Menu Screen. Fill in the Data Export Screen.


Choose the Unsorted Email Addresses (CSV) for the File Format. The Address and Phone Type are not necessary for emails unless you wish to include a specific address or phone number in the email. Click OK to create the export file. You can change the file name and file location if you wish. Choose All Email Addresses Per Name to include ALL emails.


Once you have the file created and saved, you can then import that file into an Email Campaign program or send a broadcast email using Microsoft Word in conjunction with your Primary Email Provider. More information about sending broadcast emails using Word can be found in the Advisors Assistant Help under the topic Sending Broadcast Emails (All Emails).

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