#35 Tagged Names Report

Dec 18, 2015

Did you know that Advisors Assistant has a special way to run a report of names that have nothing in common? The Tagged Names Report allows you to select a group of names, then print a report of those names and their products, export the names, or send letters and emails to the list of names selected.

To get to the Tagged Name Selection Screen, click on the Reports Menu at the top of your Advisors Assistant Screen. Then select Tagged Name Reports. The Lookup Name Screen will open. From this screen, you can select the names you wish to “tag” and click the blue Down Arrow Button to tag those names.


Once your names have been selected, click OK and the Report Selection Menu Screen will open. You can now print Reports, Export the names, or print Letters and send Emails to the names. If the names you selected have Insurance or Investment products, those products have also been included so that you can print product reports.

If you know that this certain group of names will need to be tagged again, you can also manage this list by clicking on the Manage Button and add a specific market so that you can select that market with one click to quickly gather the group together again.

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