#2 Tracking Personal Contacts

Dec 10, 2015

Tracking Whether or Not You’ve Had a Personal Contact with a Client or Prospect Is A Cinch

Did You Know you can get a report that lists the people who have not had a personal contact from you within a certain time period?

Many advisors want to insure that they’ve personally contacted their clients or prospects (or top clients and prospects) at least once within a specific period of time.

All you have to do to use this feature is to check the Personal Contact Box at the Top of the Note Screen when you’re adding a Note that is the result of a Personal Contact.


The definition of a Personal Contact is up to you. It would typically be a face-toface meeting or a phone conversation.

When running the report, you also define the time period. You can choose people with No Personal Contact Within:

  • The Last 30 Days
  • The Last 90 Days
  • The Last 6 Months
  • Since (You fill in the Date)

You can search for everyone with no personal contact or limit the search to any type of name – client, prospect, “A” contacts, etc. You can even search by Producer.

When you’re ready to print the report, just right-click on the bottom of the View Client With Notes Screen and select the Personal Contacts Wizard. Or click on the TOOLS Menu at the very top left-hand corner of your Advisors Assistant and choose Personal Contacts Wizard.


Couldn’t be easier! And this feature gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re organized and staying in touch to build rapport and loyalty with important people in your practice. You won’t have to worry that someone important has slipped through the cracks.

Just one more way Advisors Assistant can help simplify your life.

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