#34 Turning off Email Archiving for Individuals

Dec 18, 2015

Did you know that you have the ability to Turn Off the Email Archiving feature for individual email addresses? Email Archiving is a great Advisors Assistant feature but you most likely don’t want emails from attorneys, accountants or inter-office users to be archived for all to see! Now you have the ability to keep those specific email accounts from archiving their email correspondence.

On the Modify Email Address screen in Advisors Assistant, there is a check box that, when checked, will override the email archiving feature for that specific email address.


Also, in your Outlook Inbox the category box will show as Grey when the email address has been marked as “do not archive” so that you know right away that the email was not saved in your Advisors Assistant.


Now you won’t have to worry about sensitive emails being saved and archived in your database. Just another way Advisors Assistant can help simplify your life!

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