#44 Using Email Archiving with Outlook Categories

Dec 18, 2015

Ever come back from a few days’ vacation and have a hundred or so emails waiting for you?

Wouldn’t it be great to sort emails from clients and people you know to the top of your inbox, no matter when they arrived?

If you’re using Advisors Assistant’s Outlook Email Archiving feature, you can.


When Advisors Assistant archives, it assigns categories of either Archived, Archive Restricted, or Not Found In Database.

If you sort by Category, the Archived emails go to the top. These are your clients and contacts because their email address is in your database.

Figure 1 shows Unread Emails sorted by Category. It’s a real email box, so we had to block some of the information.

You would probably consider the Archived emails most important. After those, you can see archive restricted. These email addresses were in Advisors Assistant, but the “Do Not Archive” box was checked when the address was entered. These are listed second. We know these people, but they are not as important as clients.


Finally, we have the emails from addresses not in Advisors Assistant. Most of these are vendors or junk mail. You can go through these last, but be careful because there may be a client email in there!

If a client changes their email address and doesn’t tell you, it will be in this section and have a red category. It’s a great way of finding new email addresses.

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