#5 Using Markets to Increase Communication

Dec 14, 2015

Use Markets To Increase Communication & Sales

Are you using Advisors Assistant to market and communicate to your clients and prospects?

Many articles have been written about the need to contact your clients often to build rapport and loyalty. You know this is true, but are you doing it?

In today’s environment, your clients want to hear from you. If you’re not contacting them enough, they’ll look for a financial advisor who will. This seems like an overwhelming task, but the Markets feature in Advisors Assistant will help you find new opportunities to contact your clients (and prospects) throughout the year.

The Markets feature allows you to group names together into different categories, and those categories can be anything you’d like them to be. The Market Abbreviations are fully customizable by you. It allows you to track all kinds of information about your clients and prospects, so you can then use that information in the future for targeted marketing campaigns or communications.

Here are just a few examples of what you can use Markets for:

  • Products a contact may be interested in, like a 529 Plan or Universal Life Insurance.
  • Hobbies and areas of interest – add codes for hobbies, clubs, or other demographics you’d like to track such as golf, Rotary Member, gardener, or skier. Then if you find something interesting (like an article) about that hobby you can easily send everyone with that category a letter or email. Or track favorite sports or teams for tickets to games, special sporting events, or to send a quick email when their team wins the game.
  • Mailings – flag names for newsletters, holiday cards or gifts, quarterly reports, etc.
  • Ad campaigns – add Markets for different ads you’re running, and track how well the ads are performing.
  • Nervous Client – an advisor using Advisors Assistant mentioned he uses this market to communicate even more frequently with his clients that need a little extra care during volatile times.


Markets are incredibly easy to use. Just click on the MARKETS tab at the bottom of your Advisors Assistant screen, and click on the Add Action Button to add a Market Abbreviation.

Once you’ve started using the Markets feature for your clients and prospects, the Advisors Assistant Selection Reports make it easy to pull a list of names in your database that have that particular Market. Then Advisors Assistant’s direct links to MS Word and Outlook make communicating to that list quick and easy.

As you’re planning your marketing strategies for 2012, keep in mind that Advisors Assistant is designed to be a marketing tool to help you not only communicate more with your clients, but to also increase marketing to both clients and prospects so you can increase revenue.

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