#49 Using Microsoft Word with Advisors Assistant

Dec 18, 2015

Did you know that Advisors Assistant integrates directly with Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge Feature? Whether sending a letter or email to a specific contact to confirm an appointment, or mass mailing your latest newsletter to all of your prospective clients, Advisors Assistant will do this with ease. Your clients’ personal, insurance, and investment information will be automatically entered into letters, emails, labels, envelopes, and any other documents you can create using Microsoft Word.

Advisors Assistant even comes with a few Mail Merge Templates to help you get started (located at MyDocuments\Advisors Assistant\WordMergeDoc on your computer). They are designed to be used as a template for you to write your own letters, emails, and labels without having to go through the steps to set a new document up as a mail merge document. You can edit your Master documents for font, logo, etc. as you’d like so that every time you use it your customizations will be available.

You can send a document to a Single Name you are viewing by clicking on the Word Action Button from any View Screen (shown below).


You can also do Mass Mailing through the Advisors Assistant Selection Reports. First you select your names, then you send the information to Word to print the letters, envelopes, labels or emails (shown below).


Once the information is merged into Microsoft Word, you can then keep track of all outgoing correspondence by saving the Letter Log entry. You can even copy and paste the body of the email or letter into the Letter Log so that you know exactly what was sent.

More information about merging with Microsoft Word, including step-by-step instructions, can be found in the Advisors Assistant Help. If you have additional questions, please feel free to call technical support at (800) 643-4488.

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