Heads up: we will be down for maintenance, 6 pm PT Friday 4/9 to 6 pm PT Sunday 4/11!

Apr 9, 2021Status


Server maintenance has been completed and the system is once again available.  Performance may be slightly degraded throughout 4-10 as behind-the-scenes maintenance tasks complete and the system returns to normal. 

Server Is Down

You will not be able to access your Advisors Assistant Hosted Database during this period.  We will update when this step has been finished.


To continue providing you with the best server performance possible, we are preparing to upgrade our web servers. We will be executing the upgrades this weekend, starting at 6 pm PT on Friday 4/9 until 6pm PT on Sunday 4/11. During the upgrade you will not have access to your database.

If you have any questions, our Technical Support team is available at *support@advisorsassistant.com* <support@advisorsassistant.com> or 800.643.4488. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will update this page when the maintenance is completed.  

*Advisor Assistance Team*

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