You Can Use Advisors Assistant Everywhere!

Users of the Advisors Assistant Web Hosted System have two ways to access their database: the classic workstation and the streamlined AAMobile web application.  The Advisors Assistant workstation is a Windows desktop application designed for power users and system administrators.  AAMobile is designed for everyday users in the field.  It can be used on any web-enabled device, from laptops to tablets to phones.  AAMobile is a great way to access your client database… and we’re making it available to all users of the Advisors Assistant Web Hosted System.

With our Everywhere Update, we’ve resolved the most common request from our clients – we’ve unlocked the app from specific devices so users can access it everywhere.  This Everywhere Update grants unlocked AAMobile access to every user in your database, on any device, limited only by your maximum concurrent logins.


As of March 2018, all Web databases have received the Everywhere Update.


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